Ninebot Combo - Mini Segway Pro + Gokart Conversion Kit

Ninebot Combo - Mini Segway Pro + Gokart Conversion Kit SALE

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Ninebot GoKart conversion kit 
+ Ninebot Mini Pro


Product specifications

Supported models Ninebot Mini Pro (not Lite/Plus) - not included in this Kit
Weight 61.3 lbs
Dimensions 54 x 32 x 24 inches (max extension) 
40 x 32 x 18 inches (min extension) 
1.6 inches ground clearance
Max load 220 lbs
Driver requirements 51-75 inches height 
8+ years recommended age
Speed 15 mph max speed 
5 mph novice speed limit 
2 mph reverse speed limit
Max range up to 9 miles (depends on driver weight)
Lighting 0.2 Watt white headlight LED 
status indicator 
requires 6 AA-batteries
Tires 3 inches tire width 
flatness ratio 60% 
5 inches hub diameter 
non-inflatable hollow tires 
traversable terrain: hardened road, flat road surfaces, slopes below 15°
Brakes electronic brake 
mechanical handbrake



Scope of delivery


  • Ninebot Ninebot GoKart conversion Kit
  • Manual
  • Ninebot Mini Pro