Giant gift bow - Red

Giant gift bow - Red

CASS Kids Toys


Item Description

45cm Giant Red Car Bow.

Give your loved one their brand new car wrapped up with our Giant Red Car Bow!

Bow is made from foil and measures 45.72cm when assembled.

Comes flat packed for shipping and requires basic assembly (step by step instructions on the back of pack).

Use own sticky tape to secure or use the excess ribbon on the bow to tie it to the car.

A wonderful way to surprise someone with a new car, new bike, new boat or any other large gift at Christmas or for an 18th or 21st birthday, simply stick this bow to the front of your item for a shiny, exciting finish!

Bow would also make a great decoration for car dealerships or car yards when presenting new cars to customers.

Ride On Cars:

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Shipping chargers:

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Please allow between 2 – 7 business days for metro deliveries and up to 10 business days for regional deliveries.

Pick up from Sydney depot:

For our NSW customers we also offer free pick up from our depot in Revesby.

Please note the order needs to be placed on our website in advance as we do not offer walk in purchases.

Pick up address and pick up instructions are emailed to you once your order is ready for pick up.


Ride on car accessories:

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Warranty Policy:

We offer limited one month parts replacement warranty for all products sold on our website. Warranty applies to the products for domestic use only.

Warranty will only cover any manufacturing faults found in product at the time of purchase. Buyer must notify us immediately about any faults related to their products. Buyer must produce invoice in order to avail warranty services.

In case of any part failure, we will post the replacement part to the buyer along with instructions detailing the replacement procedure. Alternatively, local customers can simply drop in their product and we will fix it as per our warranty policy. In cases where parts can't be replaced we will provide the replacement product wherever possible.

What is not covered under warranty?

  • Batteries and battery chargers are not covered under warranty. Both of these parts are tested before being packed and unfair/careless usage can effect the performance of these parts. Please refer to our Battery maintenance blog, for instructions about how to make your battery last longer. (Please note just like any battery operated product the batteries require changing from time to time. The life of the battery depends on usage, frequency & storage and may vary)
  • Cosmetic imperfections. As these cars are mass production and made of plastic, sometimes under manufacturing process and pressure there maybe some minor imperfections visible on the car. These minor cosmetic issues are also not covered under the warranty terms. We of course work with our suppliers to ensure the cars are made under the best condition and quality control is done at every step of the way.
  • Faults caused due to incorrect installation of the car (i.e. motors incorrectly installed, or wires not connected). Please note in a scenario where the car has been returned to us for inspection and the fault has been found to be due to this issue, you will be offered for Cass Kids Toys to rectify it at a fee. Customers will also be liable for any transport costs.
  • Physical damage. Cass Kids Toys does not cover broken parts, cosmetic and body damages that have been caused whilst the car is being used. In these scenarios as long as the spare part is replaceable, we will order a new part and send to you at a cost.

General Questions Asked

We will try and answer your frequantly asked questions on this page and commit to building this page and update often with all the most recent information.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How fast will my ride on car go?
This will depend on the battery power. A 6 volt battery will operate the ride on at about 3mph. A 12 volt will go about 5mph.

What age are they suitable for?
All our ride on cars come with parental remote controls.

Is there any type of safety built in?
All our ride on cars are made within Australian safety standard requirements. They all go with top speed recommended for safety by safety standards and come with safety parental remotes and safety belt.

My car doesn't look exactly like the photo on the webpage?
In some scenarios (generally with brand new models) there maybe slight differences between the photo advertised on our webpage and the car as the photos are concept photos provided by our suppliers. In saying that the overall shape, the features and the model should  be exactly the same and the differences maybe very minor such as slight color difference or stickers. Also in majority of cases the color of the seats will be different as the advertised photos represent basic model with plastic seats however we upgrade our seats to leather which come generally in black. You are able to see actual customer photos on our Facebook page

Do they come with remote control?
These ride on toys are suitable for any kid as young as a year old and up to approx 7 years of age (based on average size kids) and can carry up to approx 30kg.

Is there much assembly required?
All products require some assembly depending on the model. This could include adding the roll bars, wheels, steering wheel, seat, axles and/or mirrors.

How long should charge the batteries for ?
Batteries require generally between 10 - 12 hours of charging. We recommend overnight charging. Unfortunately the chargers don't have an indicator when the charge is complete so we recommend either timing the charge period or purchase a timer power plug for approx $10 from office works.Please also allow for the battery to run flat before charging and ensure the car is being charged on a regular basis.

How long does the ride on car drive per charge?
No,  Our cars should operate anywhere between approx 45 minutes to an hour per charge depending on the surface, weight etc.

Can I leave the battery on charge?
No, Battery charge time must not exceed 10 hours or permanent damage to the cells will occur. The battery should also be charged every month when not in use.

What's the difference between 12v and 24v cars?
24v cars come with 2 x 12v batteries however in terms of speed there won't be much difference. The cars that have been upgraded to 24v are generally our 2 seater heavier cars which require that additional power to move. Also the motors are all generally 30w on all ride on toys. The top speed on most ofthe ride on cars are approx 5kmph. In saying this some of our ride on toys that are flagged as 4wd move with some additional power as they come with 4 motors (1 to each wheel).

I bought a 24v car but the package I received states its 12v?
Please note the cars that we purchase are all 12v cars as base model, and with some cars subject to avalibility of the option, we pay extra to add a second battery to the car and purchase an upgraded version. In these scenarios however the packaging does not change and remain as the standard one so do not worry. A very simple way to confirm is to check the battery compartment (generally under the seat or under the bonnet) and if you lift the battery lid, you will see 2 x 12v batteries in the car.