1 Child every 90 minute is sexually assaulted... that is an alarming rate

Who is bravehearts?

Bravehearts is a charity that empowers, educates and protects our kids from sexual assault.

With only $12, one child can go through their preventative educational program that is running in our schools

What is Dave commited to do?

Dave is committed to raise $10,000 for this worthwhile cause.

The funds will be used to provide counseling for kids that have been harmed.

Who is Dave?

Let's hear from Dave himself...


How is Cass Kids Toys Involved?

Dave is a very dear friend of ours and we are proud of what he is trying to achieve by turning his paid into a positive to save other lives. 

Cass Kids Toys will mainly support spread the word however we are also going to run a charity raffle.

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"Lastly to the guy that abused me...It doesn’t matter anymore what you did to me, you couldn’t destroy me. I’m still standing, I’m still strong and I always will be." Dave

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