How to look after your ride on car Battery ?

How to look after your ride on car Battery ?

Battery and battery charger are critical part of your ride on car. Although all our products have been manufectured to the best industry standards but it matters a lot to look after the battery of your car to prolong it's life. You can significantly extend the life of your ride on car battery by following these simple rules. Please note that these are general rules and you must refer to your toy manual for precise care instructions for your toy.

  • The first charge of your ride on car generally requires at least 20-24 hours of constant charging. It is highly recomended to not use your ride on car before fully charging it.
  • After first full charge, all subsequent charges should be for 8 - 12 hours.
  • Any charge time (except the first charge) must not exceed 12 hours unless it is mentioned in the manual of your specific product.
  • It is best practice to charge your ride on car battery to the full before putting it to the storage.
  • If ride on car is not being used for longer periods then you must charge the battery at least once a month, to keep the battery in optimum condition.

Please keep in mind that these are general care instructions for ride on car battery. You must follow the specific charging times as mentioned in the manual of your specific product.


The Most Advance Electric Ride On Toy

When I was a child, all I wanted was a Little Tykes Cozy Cruiser. But seeing as kids these days gets their own iPads before they can walk, it only seems appropriate that their tastes have grown beyond plastic foot-powered cars.

Meet Henes Co., a Korean company that makes drivable toy cars that have more features than my 2011 Audi A4. Henes’ luxurious electric toy cars can come with such “real car” features as disc brakes, all-wheel drive, four-wheel independent suspension with gas shock absorbers, a multi-link steering system, aluminum alloy differential, functional turn signals, brake lights, headlights, an MP3 player, stereo speakers, an ergonomic leather bucket seat, and even a built-in seven-inch Android tablet.

The cars, which are about four feet long and look like tiny versions of real cars, are powered by a 24-volt battery pack and have an electronic gear shifter with four modes: park, reverse, neutral and drive. The steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedal are also electronic. The cars also come with a Bluetooth remote so parents can prevent theirspoiled lucky children from pulling a Steve McQueen and drag racing the other neighbourhood kids. This could be a legitimate concern, as these electric cars have a top speed of a blazing 16 km/h.

Henes currently sells five models: one sedan-like model (that looks suspiciously like a Jaguar), three roadsters, and one Hummer/Jeep-looking “off-roader” with four-wheel drive.

The cars, which were, no surprise, designed by professionals from the auto industry, are billed as “the safest and most advanced kids electric ride-on car.”